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COORDINATES                61° 26' 21.0768'' N 5° 58' 28.3260'' E

LOCATION                                           Movika in Førde, Norway

YEAR                                                                                   2011

CLIENT                                               Sogn og Fjordane County

STATUS                                                                    Competition

PROGRAM                                                    Museum extension

AREA                                                                              4840 m²

COLLABORATORS                                                                    -

The proposals main focuses is on revising the design and planning of Kvosin, Reykjavik’s historical center, and carry out preliminary conception for a new hotel in the area. A clear sustainable concept, springing from historical and societal considerations about the site’s urban configuration, has aims to strengthen and define the character of existing plazas and public spaces. The hotel is placed in a restored building on site with an annex added to the construction to accommodate hotel functions and to define the adjacent squares and streets. Combining varied programs and integrating existing edifices into an efficient, unified scheme, the private building generates public spaces integrated with existing natural components acting to both articulate the diverse functions and providing space for interactions between different users. This civic approach, gives a possibility to compliment the historical center with a new building form that answers to the modern needs of social diversity and livability.

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