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Elliðaárvogur - Ártúnshöfði Masterplan









      64° 8' 0.1644'' N 21° 49' 37.6680'' W

                                             Reykjavík, Iceland


                          Municipality of Reykjavík

                              Commissioned study


    125 ha and 500.000 m² building surface

OLGGA Architects and Depuis2005

Located in Reykjavik, the intervention zone of Elliðaárvogur and Ártúnshöfði is undertaken an urban renewal, defined in the context of the overall revitalization and development plan of the city. The proposal references to the historical pattern of the site and is planned as a series of linear bands of built form, open space, landscape and water edge, representative of the area. The new grid-planned urban platform plays with the ambiguities between indoor and outdoor spaces of open blocks, and the existing seafront will be enriched by a network of canals, strengthening the cities relation to the water. A key urban device, the ‘Green Loop’, is a circular public green space that punctuates the linearity along with educational and cultural facilities, and acts as a catalyst of pedestrian circulation and activity on the site. The ambition of the project exceeds its site boundary and adopts a specific master planning strategy that is flexible and adaptable to its environment, embracing future possibilities.

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