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Grímsey Arctic Circle Landmark








        66° 32' 54.8556'' N 18° 1' 16.8276'' W

                            Grímsey Island, Iceland


                             Municipality of Akureyri


                                New Arctic Circle landmark

                                                                   50 m²

Grímsey is an island 50 kilometers off the north shoreline of Iceland, the only place where the Arctic Circle passes through in Iceland. The primary objective of this proposal is to create a pictorial symbol for Grímsey that could become an attraction in itself and strengthen the island and its position as the northernmost tip of Iceland, on the Arctic Circle. The work, consisting of a spherical form that is at once viewpoint, shelter, sitting area and landmark, explores how an installation might relate intimately to a specific setting; how it might take up a physical and somatic as well as a visual relationship to a viewer; and how it might create spaces (or environments) in which a viewer can experience the surrounding nature. The main frame and cladding of the structure are made of aluminum which is embedded in a circular concrete slab covered with hexagonal basalt tiles and columns. In the center of the installation, information about Grímsey and the Arctic Circle will be engraved, introducing geographical, astronomical, historical and scientific facts to enlighten and divert equally visitors and locals.

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