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Icelandic Parliamentary Offices









                                                            64° 08' 48.2" N 21° 56' 31.5" W

                                                                                     Reykjavík, Iceland


                                      FSR – Government Construction Contracting Agency



                                                                                                               5750 m²

                                                                                            Honorable Mention

The suggested design of the Icelandic Parliamentary Offices in the center of Reykjavík, involves the conception of a contemporary working environment for political parties and committees, as well as parliament personnel. The future edifice will be linked to an existing extension of the old parliament building dating from 1880, with the capability of a further extension in the future. The aim of the proposal is to conceive a building with a focus on a variety of themes, such as representativeness, equality, respect, flexibility, urbanity and sustainability in harmony with surrounding public spaces designed to strengthen the city center and improve the urban environment. The new office building will reflect the parliament’s aspiration for transparency and accessibility, inviting the public inside via a transparent entrance linking the streetscape directly to the interior plaza. The glass-covered courtyard becomes the heart of the project, facilitating both inside and outside flow of people. This fusion underlines the democratic character of the project, and reinforces the strong connection between the inside and outside, between the government and the civilians. The ground floor houses large functions like the meeting and conference facilities, as well as a cafeteria and public relations services. Main staircases and elevators in the glass atrium allows staff and guests to access the upper floors which are organized with different types of workstations in open, semi-open and more confined areas inspiring sharing and cross-disciplinary problem solving, symbol of a healthy work environment. The top of the building contains a roof garden with a panoramic view over the city bringing the possibility of relaxation in central Reykjavík.

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