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Student Housing at the University of Iceland








                            64° 08' 27.9" N 21° 56' 45.8" W

                                                 Reykjavik, Iceland


                                                 FS Student Housing


                                Student Housing and Facilities

                                                                     3480 m²

The objective of the project is to design a new annex to the oldest student dormitory of the University of Iceland, placed nearby the historical center in Reykjavík. The housing complex includes: studios and shared living rooms with kitchens for foreign researchers and students, university offices, a cafeteria and a multi-purpose room. The density of the program results in a volumetric specific building, generating a "pyramidal landscape" of platforms and terraces to meet the different architectural and urban scales of the historical site.  In urbanized cities, communal living in dwellings is becoming more compartmentalized as private space takes precedence over practically any other amenity. Increased density has therefore created less interaction resulting in a community of disconnected living units. The proposal introduces a concept in which the value of social interaction is given vital importance accentuating on a balance between private and collective aspects. Rather than grouping the building into separate apartments, large social areas including a large lounge and a shared kitchen are created that unite students in their daily routines. Assuming the existing urban conditions, the student housing detaches as much as possible from the surrounding buildings and shapes its volume in order to extract potential from the views and sun. Open-air terraces are spread around the edifice. Through them, students can experience outside conditions and relate with the city and the far views.

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