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PROFILE – SP(R)INT STUDIO is an international award winning practice, engaged in architecture, urbanism and spatial analysis, whose name signifies space (re)interpretation studio. Based in Reykjavik, with satellite offices in Paris, Oslo and Tehran, SP(R)INT STUDIO develops a cross-cultural design, maintaining a strong connection between architecture, landscape and human perception in a contemporary environment that continuously evolves and changes. Operating across many scales going from large metropolitan regions and urban areas to individual constructions and urban equipment, SP(R)INT STUDIO researches in fields beyond the discipline of architecture that have a great impact on society itself: art, archaeology, ecology, sociology, philosophy, technology.


PROCESS – SPACE (RE)INTERPRETATION - SP(R)INT STUDIO pursues a fascination for investigative humanistic methods focusing on spatial interpretation and re-interpretation. Insisting on the element of multiplicity, plurality, or polysemy in spatial analysis, numerous research-based interpretations are realized, challenging existing thinking, none of which should be regarded as definitive, to achieve spatial innovation in the fields of architecture, urbanism and landscape design. COLLABORATION – The design process, for all scales of project ranging from objects to urban development visions, is deeply collaborative: operating with a network of specialists spanning diverse disciplines in intense cooperation with the client. SUSTAINABILITY - Fundamental to all works is a commitment to social and environmental sustainability, linking large and small scales, from the city to the individual. Every project is a unique expression with the view towards the enormous potential of research, experimentation, and testing to improve both the built environment as well as the more holistic idea of a sustainable and equal society for the future.  RESEARCH – The studio is as much a laboratory as a design practice. Exploratory, empirical, and applied research brings added value to the projects and allows us to develop new approaches that unite the conceptual and the pragmatic within a strong, coherent vision.

PEOPLE - Founded in 2011 in Paris, SP(R)INT STUDIO is represented by Karl Kvaran and Sahar Ghaderi, with a capability of expansion for each project.

KARL KVARAN is a French-Icelandic architect and urban planner. Having participated in numerous international projects, his exploration of contemporary architecture focuses on trans-cultural and multi-disciplinary thinking, challenging the notion of interpretation of spaces. Kvaran lectures and teaches extensively around the world in both academic and professional settings, and is also a Visiting Professor at the Pars University in Teheran. In addition to his professional and academic work, he is the president of the Association of Icelandic Architects. He holds a Master of Architecture, as well as a HMONP Diploma, both from the École nationale supérieure d'architecture de Paris-Malaquais.

SAHAR GHADERI is an Iranian architect. She has worked in several architectural firms in Iran, France and Iceland and has been in charge of many projects focalizing on architecture, urbanism, landscape and cultural heritage. Her works are characterized by research design, interaction and communication both in professional and academic issues. She is a Visiting Professor in Tehran University of Art and Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran and lectures frequently in universities and symposiums. Ghaderi holds a PhD in architecture, archaeology and computer science from Paris Diderot University, a Master of Architecture from the École nationale supérieure d'architecture Paris-Val de Seine, as well as a Research Master of History and Civilizations from Paris Diderot University.

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